Solar System – Screaming Maldini

Solar System Song by Screaming Maldini is the third album of the iconic band The Howling Hills Cast. Maldini’s musical prowess is on full display on this album, as he co-writes and plays keyboards with the likes of Giorgio Armani, Carla Brunetti and Ulrika Giardini. The songs on this album are more lighthearted than on previous albums, with more jockeys verses and more disco-tinged arrangements. However, despite this lightness, Solar System still has its fair share of dark songs, such as the ominous “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” and the disturbing “Dante’s Inferno”. Although the overall tone of the album is far from bleak, but the atmosphere is perfect for a great album.

Solar System Song by Screaming Maldini is probably not going to be remembered as one of the greats like Donny Hathaway or Carl Cox’s You Are Cool, but it is still a worthy effort by a band that has given fans plenty to love over the years. It contains songs that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless if they are young or old, and have a universal appeal due to the simple fact that they are sung in Italian. In addition, the album has beautiful guitar work, mostly played by Joanna Masciarelli on the acoustic guitars. Other contributors include Davide Cimatorio on the keyboards and Piero Maggiore on the drums.

The Solar System song tells the tale of a man who wants to meet his maker, but is put off by mankind’s vanity and wickedness, as mankind has created a world of deceit and vanity, whereas the angels are pure and honest. This theme is repeated throughout the album, with the main refrain being “I am Forever Blowing Bubbles”. This is an important message for all humanity, to realise that we need to be honest with ourselves, in order to accept our own faults, so that we can create something superior out of ourselves. If we reject the beautiful things that are created by our creator, then we will always remain frustrated, dissatisfied and angry with the world, whereas if we embrace beauty and live with integrity, then we will always smile and be happy.