Secret Sounds – Screaming Maldini

The Secret Sounds song by Screaming Maldini is a wonderful arrangement of the original La Percussa di Modena (The Percussa of the Madonna) by Mario da Silva. The arrangements on the album are very detailed and the harmonies are extremely clear and powerful. There is a full choir accompaniment, which gives the music a real “chore” as well as adding some real character to the songs. The use of organ chords builds the drama of the piece, and the end result is a moving, dramatic finale. All in all, this is an outstanding work of art.

It’s interesting to note that the guitar version of this song doesn’t even feature the first part of the original arrangement. The singer only uses the second half of the original melody. This makes it an interesting (and rare) listen for anyone not familiar with the original. The guitar version also has additional keyboard arrangements, harp solos, and guitar solo (linkage to the original song) on the CD. The quality of the sound on this recording is also excellent, with very clean tone and dynamics.

Another interesting aspect of The Secret Sounds Song is the fact that it was created by a professional musician. Therefore, it contains high quality sounds. In addition to that, the song’s notes are easy to read and understand. The singer’s voice is clear, beautiful, and adds a touch of emotion to the songs. If you love this music, then I’m sure you will also love the guitar version which also incorporates an excellent vocal performance.