Restless Hearts and Silent Pioneers – Screaming Maldini

One of my all time favorite movies is The Mask. I can remember watching it when it came out and I was blown away. This movie was directed by George C. Scott and it stars John Tutturro and Barbara Hershey. This movie is definitely worth your time because of its unique and dreamy story, acting, special effects, and music.

Restless Hearts and Silent Pioneers are a song that came out during the era of the ’70s and it’s a song that I always remember from this movie. This is the second film in the series, The Secrets of Sleepy Hollow, and it features singer-dancer-actor Jennifer Lopez. This is also the first Jennifer Lopez movie that I have ever seen, so I wasn’t exactly expecting this to be a great film. I mean, the romantic elements in the first one made the entire movie worth a watch, but I thought that the entire theme of the movie went flat and predictable.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen here. This is a fun movie that lots of people enjoy. There are many songs that are memorable for their unique sound, but I feel that this is one of those songs that will stick with you long after you’ve put the DVD in your DVD player. While the romantic part might not work for some people, rest assured that Jennifer Lopez and her music will make you go weak at the knees.