Islands – Screaming Maldini

Islands Song by Screaming Maldini is a point and click hidden object adventure game where you, as the gamer, have to find all the missing islands on an island which is under attack from some unidentified force. As you uncover the islands and their secrets, you will see that the islands are not all that they seem, and you will be asked to help defend them from waves of lava-like creatures that are coming out of the ground and are intent on destroying the island. And with a lot more islands to discover, as you progress through the game, you will also find yourself trapped in water as well, and this too will be your best chance to get off the island and to continue your search for the other islands.

The Island Song takes place on Venus, the second planet from the Sun. This is the home of the Scary Mummy, a mummy who has somehow come back to life thanks to an ancient artifact that was left there by aliens in the 21st century. The game is definitely not kid’s play, even though it is an adventure game. It has horror elements as well as elements of suspense, all wrapped up in an enjoyable package. The storyline is also very imaginative, which is what most parents would appreciate, as they would want their children to enjoy this kind of game.

You can download the Song for the Nintendo Wii by logging onto the official website of the game and following the step by step instructions provided there. It is definitely recommended that you download the game to your system using a legitimate download service. There are a few websites on the Internet which are actually illegal. They are hosting pirated copies of games, which are directly contrary to the terms and conditions of Nintendo. For added safety, you should always download games from reputable websites.