Abyssinia – Screaming Maldini

If you enjoy listening to music with a fast tempo, you will love Abyssinia song by Screaming Maldini. This is a wonderful, and sometimes controversial, album that features guest spots from such diverse artists as Carlos Santana, Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and several others. While most of the songs on this album are great, “La Bamba” is probably my personal favorite. The lyrics are catchy, the beat is intense, and it just makes you feel like you’re in a completely different dimension or world when you listen to it.

Another wonderful track on this album is “Banga de la Bamba,” which is a homage to Motown legendican pop group Banda Sotto. This song takes elements from both the music of Motown and samba and uses them in a way that isn’t typical of its genre. It also sounds really good live, which can’t be said for many Sotto songs. “La Bamba” includes one of the more memorable moments on this album when Maldini lets the crowd know how much he’s enjoying their performance. The crowd responds in kind, and the song is a huge hit.

All in all, this album is a huge crowd-pleaser. Some of the songs on here are pure fun, while others have a bit more edge to them. Either way, you’re bound to make this album your own, and it’s a great addition to any collection. If you haven’t heard of Abyssinia song by Screaming Maldini, you need to check this one out. It’s definitely worth a listen!